Cell Phones


Parkhurst Prison 2030

Prison reform has gone too far.

All inmates in England will have 24-hour access to a phone soon. 50 jails will have landlines fitted to every cell before March 2020 and eventually all 118 prisons in England will have phones in cells.

It’s another barmy policy that’s been pushed through by do-gooders and snivel- libertarians. It’s going to cost British taxpayers £17 million.

All inmates, including killers and rapists, will be able to speak to friends and loved ones ‘in private’ any time, day or night.

The Justice Secretary David Gauke says the plan will reduce re-offending rates. Speaking from his office in cloud cuckoo land, he said, “At this time of year more than any other we’re reminded of the importance of family, and there can be few groups that this applies to more than prisoners”. – Mr Gauke doesn’t seem to realise that not all prisoners families are a positive influence on them!

This is just another one of these, “murderers and rapists are people too” ideas from the wet farts who think that no one has to take responsibility for their own actions because nothing is ever their fault. They blame society or the government or the media for everything.

It’s the latest in a series of daft ideas that has been brought in to reduce re-offending. The only guaranteed way to stop convicted criminals reoffending is not let them back out!

Surely making jails nicer places to live is going to INCREASE reoffending isn’t it? Did putting TVs in jails stop reoffending? And what about the people who went to jail because they don’t have a TV licence? They were forbidden from watching TV on the outside but can watch as much telly as they like on the inside!

Will criminals who were locked up for making threatening phone calls or running telephone scams be allowed to use the phones we’re paying to have installed in their cells?

How about this as an incentive not to reoffend; if you want to be able to use a phone or watch telly, DON’T COMMIT CRIME!

They should stick this ‘phones in cells’ idea where the prisoners have been sticking the 20,000 phones that get smuggled into prisons each year!

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