Stand And Deliver



If I didn’t bunk into 1st class every day, I would have to stand.

I travel on the 7:11 Thameslink from Hitchin to London Blackfriars every weekday. It doesn’t bother me that I don’t have a first class ticket. My monthly season ticket is £409.40 and that’s supposed to include a seat so the only way I can get one is to sit in first class.

Looking through the glass door into standard class yesterday morning I had an idea. Why not remove all of the seats in there? They’d get more people in and could charge less for the tickets.

If you needed to sit down, you could bring your own folding chair. There’s always folding bikes on the train so what’s the difference? They could even rent out folding chairs like they do with deck chairs on the beach.

And they could change the name of Standard class to “standing” class. They should do that now anyway because, for most people, that’s what it is already.

Craic on!

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