Not So Smart Phone



It’s amazing how some slogans perfectly fit the product or service they’re attached to.

I’m on a sim only deal with my phone and pay £20 a month for 20 gigabytes of data. I only use 6 gigabytes. My current contract is coming to an end so I called and asked for a deal with a lower limit.

The only deals they have, range from 5GB (too small) to 18 GB (too large) and even if I switched to 18GB I would only save £1 a month.

I told the person on the phone that after 10 years with this company, I was going to shop around and see what other providers could offer. I was amazed when he said, “OK” and did NOTHING to try to make me stay.

This mobile phone provider has a new slogan. It is, “The future is exciting. Ready?”

I am excited because I know I’ll find a better deal somewhere else and yes, I AM ready!

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