Nothing Is Real


Everything is not as it seems.

You get to do some interesting stuff when you’re the Program Director of Fix Radio, the Commercial Radio Station in London for builders. Saturday morning, I was invited to the filming of a commercial for one of our advertisers Hitachi, who make power tools, as they are changing their name to HiKOKE.

Five professional dancers where hired and dressed as builders. It was really interesting watching as they learned their moves for various choreographed routines.

The shoot took place on a building site in Battersea. Three apartment blocks are going up. Some people have already moved into one of the blocks, so right now they live on the building site.

I feel sorry for one bleary-eyed resident who had clearly just woken up. When they opened the curtains, they saw a team of men in hard hats and hi-viz jackets dancing in unison.

They must have thought, what are they putting in the builder’s tea?

Craic on!

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