The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth


Radio Geek

Radio people who are interested in what other radio stations and other presenters have done call themselves, “geeks”, why is that?

Singers who study other artists don’t call themselves geeks. Guitarists who are inspired by other great players don’t call themselves geeks. Comedians who study the comedy of other great comics never refer to themselves as geeks, it’s only radio people.

True geeks are people that study an industry from the outside. A bloke who works in a library but knows every detail of the running of a railway is a geek, not the bloke who drives the train.

Someone who goes out of their way to learn more about the business they’re in and gets inspired by what other people have done isn’t a geek, they’re a professional and an asset to their employer.

What’s weird is that people outside of radio don’t call radio people geeks, radio people call THEMSELVES geeks. Some non-radio people actually think we’re cool!

Maybe people outside of radio, understand something that the self-identified geeks don’t, that this is show business and we are performers.

It’s been said that all performers are insecure. Maybe radio performers are the most insecure of all because they don’t even want to be seen.

Maybe they don’t want to be seen because they see themselves as geeks.

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