Inconvenience Store


Stop And Rob

Our new flat is in a great location. The block is right next door to a convenience store. I call that kind of shop a “Stop and Rob”. I’ve mentioned it on the radio a couple of times.

I went in there today, picked up a few things, said hello to the bloke behind the counter and asked if they sell non-alcoholic beer. He said, “No, we don’t get much call for it, don’t you drink at all then?” We got into a conversation about how I gave up drinking years ago because I did breakfast radio and when you get up before 4am and have to be at your best as early as you can, drinking the night before doesn’t help.

That’s when he stopped, looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Wait, are you that geezer that’s been calling this place a Stop and Rob?” I sheepishly admitted that it was me and told him that if it bothered him, I wouldn’t call it that anymore.

I can’t face going back in there again so now I’ll have to find a new convenience store. Shame it won’t be as convenient.

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