Booze Ruse




Scotland has just brought in a silly law.

You can’t buy cheap booze north of the border anymore. It’s because of the new minimum pricing legislation. The cost of drinks now depends on how many units of alcohol they have. A two-litre bottle of cider that was £2.50 now costs at least £7.50.

The Scottish government says it will cut consumption and save lives. The Scottish government are idiots.

This new law won’t affect rich people, they’ll just pay the extra. This is a law aimed at stopping poor people from drinking too much, but that won’t work either.

Alcoholics are addicts, the true cost of addiction is everything you have. You can end up losing your income, your home, your partner, your friends, your family, even your life. The price of addiction couldn’t be any higher and still addicts continue to use. Do you really think putting an extra fiver on a bottle of Diamond White will make any difference?

This law will reduce the time it takes for problem drinkers to get to a point where they can’t pay their bills. Addicts turn to crime to feed their habit. It’ll start with shoplifting at places that sell booze and could lead to more serious offences.

Because it’s not a tax, extra money from higher prices goes to the retailers. None of the extra revenue will go to organisations that actually help people with drink problems. It will make things a lot worse for people whose lives are ruined because they spend too much on booze.

How did the Scots come up with such a dumb idea, had they been drinking?

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