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Pride is more important than money.

We’re moving to a new flat, it’s smaller than the one we’re in, so storage is a major issue. We decided a floor to ceiling wardrobe in the bedroom was the way to go, so we took our measurements to Ikea. We chose what we wanted from the various pick and mix combinations and arranged for it to be delivered.

We spent our Friday night last week, in the new flat, opened all of the the flat packed boxes and began construction. At a certain point, we tried to stand up our work in progress. That’s when we realised we’d made a huge mistake.

The wardrobe was supposed to be 10mm shorter than the ceiling height, only the ceiling wasn’t high enough to stand up what we had.

The flat is a new-build and Julie had made the floor to ceiling measurement before the carpet was fitted. Now the wardrobe was about 20mm higher than the ceiling.

We contemplated having a rectangle of carpet taken out so it would fit or even having the sides of the wardrobe cut to size. In the end we decided the easiest solution was a shorter wardrobe.

The next day, I made the call to Ikea and told them how stupid we’d been. I asked if we could package up the bits they’d sent, return them and order a shorter version. The lady on the phone was lovely, said it wouldn’t be a problem and even told me when they deliver the new wardrobe and take away the original one, we’ll get a refund of over £200.

Usually saving a lot of money like that would make me happy but it just doesn’t take away the shame.

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