News for Tom Jones – It IS Unusual



Tom Jones

Most people think the world is getting worse. If you read or watch the news, you might think the world is falling to pieces. Trends like terrorism, climate change, and a growing population straining the planet’s resources can make you think our world is in crisis.

We do have major issues that need attention but what you’ve got to realise is that the “news” is just a collection of UNUSUAL stories, things that don’t normally happen. People don’t usually get stabbed on the streets of London. More than 8 million people get on aircraft every day and all of those aircraft land safely. 2017 was the safest year in history for commercial airlines, with no passenger plane crashes anywhere in the world.

To find out what’s happening, we go to the news but what we get is a list of things that hardly ever happen. They’re presented as if they happen all of the time, making us think that the unusual is the usual.

The truth is we’re actually living in the most peaceful, abundant time in history. We’re actually seeing a massive drop in poverty, fewer deaths from violent crime and preventable diseases. On top of that, we’re the most educated people to ever walk the planet.

In the last hundred years, we’ve seen the average human life expectancy nearly double, the global GDP per capita rise and childhood mortality drop.

Last week, it was announced that some of the world’s biggest companies have signed up to reduce plastic pollution. Forty-two businesses including Coca Cola, Pepsi co, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Birdseye and Nestle have promised to reduce packaging and increase recycling. They’ve set a target for 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

So now that you know the world isn’t so bad after all, here’s another thing to think about: it can get even better, very soon.

In their book Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis say that it might be possible for us to meet and even exceed the basic needs of all the people living on the planet today.

“In the hands of smart and driven innovators, science and technology take things which were once scarce and make them abundant and accessible to all.”

Look at what computers and the internet have done for us in the last 30 years. They’ve given us easy access to the world’s information, the ability to share knowledge with anyone, anywhere for free. We can buy and sell goods and services globally. Less than twenty years ago, you’d have to spend thousands on the best stereos, cameras, TVs and entertainment systems. Today, it’s all on your phone.

Solar power is now cheaper than fossil fuels. Self-driving cars are already on the roads. Most accidents are caused by driver error. 1.3 million people are killed on the world’s roads every year, more than in all of the wars. Just think of how many lives self-driving cars will save.

Two things haven’t changed:
1. Things keep getting better.
2. People keep saying things are getting worse.

That’s not unusual.

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