Picture This


The older generation complain about young people constantly looking at screens on tablets or phones.

They accuse them of not being fully present, especially if those screen-obsessed kids are surrounded by amazing things going on around them. Frustrated parents have gone on Twitter and shared pictures of their kids surrounded by natural beauty – but glued to their phones instead.


Well how things have changed. I remember going on holiday as a kid to a beach or beauty spot and being surrounded by grown-ups reading newspapers.

How come is was OK for an adult to sit in a deck chair and read the Daily Mirror but now it’s not OK for a young person to sit by a lake and read from an iPhone?

Today’s kids live in an inter-connected, over-communicated world of tech. Their future will be dominated by online gadgets. The kids that don’t embrace this future will be left behind. They’ll be like the kids in the past who couldn’t read.

And that young person staring at a screen in the forest surrounded by trees is checking out what’s happening right now, not reading yesterday’s news off something that used to be a tree.

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