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RIP radio

Is radio finished?

I never listen to the radio anymore. I listen to a lot of radio stations but not on a device that picks up broadcast audio through AM, FM or DAB. I listen online.

At work, I listen through a PC, at home though my iMac, my Macbook, or my Amazon Echo. In the car AM sounds horrible and FM doesn’t give me much of a choice of stations. The DAB radio in my Lexus is so difficult to operate that it’s easier to use Tunein on my phone and listen online via bluetooth. The cheap SIM Only deal I’ve got means I get 20GB of data a month. I spend more than ten hours a week on the road, I’ve never gone anywhere near that limit.

For twenty years we’ve been told that DAB is the future of broadcasting in Britain. We were told that DAB’s two biggest advantages over analogue radio were more stations and better sound quality. Well, neither of those things are true anymore. With a DAB radio you can pick up less than a hundred radio stations, online, you can listen to thousands. In an attempt to jam more stations on DAB, bit rates have been reduced and a lot of stations only broadcast in mono, so sound quality is another myth.

Almost EVERYONE has access to internet radio, it’s on all smartphones, computers and tablets. You can only pick up broadcast radio on a dedicated receiver.

No wonder so many articles written about DAB uses the phrase, “Dead And Buried”.

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