What’s Up Doc?


It’s a real time of transition for Julie and I. We moved to the UK twenty-one years ago and in all of that time, we’ve always rented. Right now we’re in the process of buying a flat. It’s a new-build so it’s small. That means we have to say goodbye to a lot of cool things we’ve collected over the years because they just won’t fit.

This week, we said an emotional goodbye to our Dr Who pinball machine. I don’t know it’s full history but I know it lived in an arcade in Blackpool before it was rescued by a place called “Pinball Heaven” who refurbished it.drwho003

We bought it from them about eighteen years ago and it’s stood in the living room of flats and houses we’ve rented in Birmingham, Nottingham, Bournemouth, Teesside, Swindon and now Hitchin. Removal men have sweated and grunted over it as we’ve moved around the country. From time to time I’ve dismantled and resableled various bits, soldered broken joints, replaced solenoids, bulbs, the motherboard, the rubber bits around the flippers and all of the bumpers. Thankfully, you can fix Dr Who Pinball machines without a sonic screwdriver.

We’ve played hundreds of games on it and once I got a score so high that it let me add my initials to it’s list of high scoring Time Lords. When that happens the big dalek on the top gets really grumpy and says, “Next time Doctor, you will not be so lucky!”

We sold it on eBay for more than twice what we paid for it, so the news isn’t all bad and we’re moving to a really nice, brand new flat that we’ll own and can do what we like with. It’ll open up a whole new episode of our lives together.

Just like the Doctor, it’s time for us to regenerate.

Craic on!

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