Ken Dodd


Ken Dodd
“Ken Dodd’s backstage timing his act – with a calendar”.

I’m pretty sure it was Bob Monkhouse who said that at one of the Royal Variety shows.

I never got to meet Doddy, but I was lucky enough to see him perform live and once I interviewed him over the phone for my radio show. I asked him where he gets his jokes from. He told me that he gets inspiration all of the time while he’s doing other things, often while shaving. He said the trick is to write ideas down before you forget them and he always writes them on his hands. He said, “They’re all doing it now you know, I shook hands with a fella yesterday and got a wonderful script!”

I asked him why his shows go on for so long. He said, “Well when you come to see me, it’s like being at a party and if it’s a good party, you don’t want to leave early, no one likes a party pooper”.

For Ken and those close to him, the party’s over and at 90, you can’t accuse him of leaving early. For the rest of us who enjoyed what he did, thanks to DVDs, Youtube and TV tributes, the party will go on longer than any of his shows did.

Rest In Peace Ken, thanks for the happiness.

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One Response to “Ken Dodd”

  1. 1 girlvforty

    Me and my parents once spotted Ken Dodd out having dinner in the Strand Palace Hotel, about 20 years ago. We were there having a bite to eat with my grandfather who was staying there and it was during the tax row. All I can say is that Ken was there with a lady and, my mother noticed that they brought her the bill & she paid! ;) RIP the Diddy Man. Always a giggle.

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