The British Prime Minister And The Queen Are A Disgrace To Women



This week, the two most powerful women in Britain are sucking up to a representative of a regime that regards women as second class citizens.

In Saudi Arabia, women need to be accompanied by a male guardian known as a ‘mahram’, whenever they leave the house. The guardian is often a relative and will accompany women on all of their errands, including shopping trips and visits to the doctor.

The majority of public buildings in Saudi Arabia, including offices, banks and universities have separate entrances for women. Public transport, parks, beaches and amusement parks are also segregated. Unlawful mixing leads to criminal charges being brought against both parties, but women typically face the harsher punishment. In one extreme case, a teenager reported that she had been gang-raped, but because she was not with a mahram when it happened, she was given more lashes than one of her alleged rapists.

While the South African government practiced their system of apartheid, the United Kingdom (and 24 other nations, including the United States) passed laws placing trade sanctions on that country. What Saudi Arabia practices today is gender apartheid.

Britain has no sanctions against Saudi Arabia, in fact the situation is the opposite. There are more than 200 joint ventures between British and Saudi Companies, worth $17.5 billion. Saudi Arabia is the United Kingdom’s primary trading partner in the Middle East.

Right now the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is in the UK on what is effectively a state visit. It includes lunch with the Queen and a day with the Prime Minister, two people who wouldn’t be allowed to even open a bank account without their husband’s permission in his country.

The timing of the prince’s visit couldn’t be worse because it coincided with International Women’s Day.

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