Control Freaks



A lot of people voted for Brexit so that Britain could, “take back control” but what does control look like?

Right now, politicians from both sides are trying to make it look like Britain can control Brexit. There’s a lot of talk about the customs union. Which is a thing that means all EU countries agree to charge the same import duties as each other to allow free trade between member states.

Labour wants us to stay in the customs union after Brexit, the Tories don’t want that. Both sides are trying to make us think that Britain has some kind of choice.

Hey, we voted to leave. That means we’re leaving the EU no matter what, so we don’t get to have a say in what kind of deal we get. We’ve got no bargaining chip, no leverage. The EU will decide on the terms of Brexit, not us.

Last month European Union government ministers warned Britain that we cannot expect to have a say in EU decision-making once we leave, including during a transition period from next year.

So we won’t get a say on the deal to leave and once we’re out, we won’t get any say on anything at all.

The government has now admitted that it will have to follow EU product regulations for goods and components, and EU food, environment, health and safety standards so it can keep trading with the single market. The only change is that London won’t get any say in setting those rules and standards after we leave.

Britain will have regained the power, in theory, to tear up EU regulations — but only if we choose not to sell our goods and services to the European Union market. The EU buys 40 percent of our exports. In other words, we will have, “taken back control” of the right to commit economic suicide.

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