University Challenge



The university students of Britain should stand up against the University And College Union.

Lecturers have gone on strike over cuts to their pensions. Sally Hunt, the General Secretary of the University And College Union said, ”If you will not give us what we need, which is a reasonable pension, we will not do what we reasonably would normally do which is teach and help all the students of this county. Until we get this sorted out, I’m afraid that students are going to have to anticipate serious disruption”.

I don’t get it, their beef is with Universities UK, not the students, why are the students being punished?

Sally’s threat sounds sinister to me. It sounds like parents having a fight with one parent saying if they don’t get their own way, they’ll take it out on the kids.

All of the people who I’ve met who work as teachers or used to be teachers say they LOVE teaching but they HATE all of the box ticking, reports and paperwork they have to do for their higher-ups. Why don’t they just refuse to do all of that stuff, instead of taking it out on the students?

The bizarre thing is some students are supporting the striking lecturers and have even joined them on the picket lines. Why are you supporting them? They’re not supporting you!

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