Done Up Like A U-Kipper



What’s going on with UKIP?

Here’s my favorite tweet this week, it’s from Nick Walker, “I’m about halfway through a bottle of Fairy washing up liquid that has outstayed three UKIP leaders”.

The UK Independence party has had seven leaders since 2011.

UKIP exist because it’s Eurosceptic , they campaigned for Brexit, meaning their MEPs will lose their cushy jobs. UKIP have 19 Members of the European Parliament. Each one is paid £6,4537 a month. Why did UKIP campaign to leave the EU if it means they’ll have no MEPs? They don’t have ANY MPs in Westminster.

UKIP’s leadership choices have been bizarre lately. Paul Nuttall’s past was called into question, Henry Bolton dated a lady who’s sent a racist message and the current leader of the party (on an interim basis), Gerard Batten, is a bloke who has described Islam as a “Death Cult”.

Some people think UKIP is morally bankrupt but it’s also facing actual bankruptcy, after being told it must pay towards a £660,000 legal bill for a libel case it brought and lost.

Could it be that UKIP is a party of self-harm? Let’s just hope the Brexit they so desperately wanted doesn’t do that to Britain.

Craic on!

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