Only Making Plans For Nigel


Nigel Farage says and does some strange things. He’s Britain’s most high profile Brexiteer but you have to wonder if he even believes in Brexit at all.

On the 23rd June 2016 as the polls closed after the referendum he said, “it looks like Remain will edge it”.

The following day he was interviewed on Good Morning Britain and said the pledge to spend £350 million a week of European Union cash on the NHS after Brexit would never happen.

After Donald Trump was elected, Farage was the first British politician to go to America and suck up to him. Was Nigel looking for a job in America as part of Trump’s team? Had he decided he didn’t want to live in the post-Brexit Britian he’d campaigned for?


This week, on “The Wright Stuff” on Channel 5, he’s said we should have a second referendum on EU membership.

Politicians are slimy, self absorbed, narcissists. They’re hell bent on power and control. They’ll do and say anything for attention. Nigel Farage knows how to do that. He used irrational fears about immigration and the EU to get people to think about the idea of leaving. Now it looks like he might not be that keen on the idea. Did he use Brexit to get noticed thinking that we wouldn’t actually vote for it? He knows that most economic forecasts say that Brexit will damage the UK economy.

The timing of Nigel Farage’s talk of a second referendum is interesting. He’s saying this only days after meeting with the EU’s negotiator, Michel Barnier. In fact Nigel claimed his meeting with Michel Barnier prompted his remarks.

I don’t think Nigel Farage actually wanted us to leave the EU. I think he just wanted to get attention by suggesting that we should.  David Cameron made the same mistake, he promised the referendum just to get re-elected. He didn’t think we’d actually vote for something so damaging. That political decision backfired and he was forced to resign.

I say Nigel Farage has always been on the fence about Brexit and now, after finding out from Michel Barnier, what Brexit really means for Britain, Nigel Farage doesn’t want to live with the consequences.

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