Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOBfm lately, including:

Houseguests from hell.
The next big TV format to rival Bake Off.
Attacked by an animal.
Proof that Elvis is not alive.
Confusion over Gregs.
A brush with wildlife.
Mandy checks in.
The gadget that Daren misses.
Odd circumstances where people have been chatted up.
Who Prince Harry should get married to.
Donald Trump under the influence.
A parking story that keeps it in the family.
A special birthday song; Why Britain is the greatest country on earth.
Jesus the sausage roll.
Jane walks around naked in a hotel.
The Brexit nightmare continues.
The relative that isn’t dead.
A tribute to Keith Chegwin.
The professional cuddler.
Electric cars are the future.
The word of the year.
The dash scam.



Craic on!

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