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Did British radio stations make a big mistake when they got rid of their old local names and replace them with generic national “Brands”?

Instead of local radio stations being called names like Leicester Sound, Ram FM, Red Dragon, 2CR and GWR, a lot of them became, “Heart” or “Capital”.

One of the biggest selling items this Christmas was Smart Speakers. These are speakers connected to wifi. They listen to your voice commands and play whatever streaming audio you tell them to. If you want to listen to your local radio station all you do is ask Google or Alexa.

What if your local station is now called Heart? Which one of the twenty-one stations called Heart in the UK will your smart speaker play? Or will it play a Christian music station from California with the same name? If you ask for Capital, you might hear one of the British stations or Capital Radio in Sierra Leone.

If smart speakers become the most popular way to listen to local radio, the best way for your virtual personal assistant to find them would be if all local stations had their own unique names, that would be smart.

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