Rupert Murdoch, Blowing Bubbles.



Disney has made a big mistake.

Why did Rupert Murdoch sell Twenty-First Century Fox inc to Disney? The answer should be obvious but the mainstream media seem confused by the sale and it’s timing, and keep trotting out the line that it’s got something to do with competing with Netflix and Amazon.

If you haven’t worked out why Murdoch sold, you’re either inside the middle class, media bubble or so heavily influenced by it, you’re living in blissful ignorance.

Before I get to the real reason for the sale, lets just look at some of the other things the mainstream media failed to predict or understand from inside their bubble:

First there’s Brexit which totally blindsided the media and still confuses them. Next is the selection of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, his level of support and Labour’s improved performance at the last general election and then there’s the election of Donald Trump and his ability to stay in power this long. If you want to go back a bit further you could add the financial crash of 2008 and the slow death of British pubs to the list.

The reason the mainstream media is out of touch is because they think everyone is like them and thinks like them. The people who run mainstream media are well paid, well educated and middle class. The vast majority of voters and consumers are not.

It was the low paid working class that voted for Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and Trump. They’re also the people who took out subprime mortgages and buy most of their alcohol in supermarkets. They have the greatest effect on where we’re heading because there are more of them.

Rupert Murdoch has worked out something else about the low paid working class. They are streaming and downloading movies and TV shows illegally, without paying for them.

I heard about Kodi boxes from an old school friend in the North of England more than a year before the mainstream media mentioned them. I would bet that now most working class households have one.

Murdoch has realised that Illegal downloading and streaming is so widespread that it’s impossible to stop. He’s seen what it did to the music industry, so he’s cashed in his chips and walked away from the table.

Disney paid Murdoch $52.4 billion for 21st Century Fox. They’ll never get a return on that investment and if they’ve gambled the future of the company on it, look out because soon they’ll just be a Mickey Mouse outfit.

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