RIP Keith Chegwin



So sad to hear that Keith Chegwin has died at the age of 60. I’ve met him and interviewed him a few times. I wish I’d kept the photos of us together and the audio of our chats. I know I used to have some and don’t know why I haven’t kept them. Maybe it’s because Keith wasn’t what you’d call an A-list celebrity.

When I was 16, living in the north west of England, I went out with a girl called Julie Chegwin. She told me she was Keith’s cousin. I believed her up until 2005 when I met Keith and he told me he doesn’t have a cousin called Julie.

I was working at a radio station on the South Coast called 2CR. We put on a charity night at Bournemouth Pavilion to raise money for a local children’s hospice, Julia’s House. We needed a host for the event and I don’t know how Keith’s name came up but we called him and when he found out why we were raising money, he agreed to do it for free.

He was brilliant, funny and charming and even sent himself up. Twelve years earlier he’d revealed he was an alcoholic in a live TV interview on This Morning so at one point at the Pavilion, he came out on stage with a six foot high, inflatable whiskey bottle.

The next time I met Keith was in 2012 when I was hosting the Breakfast Show on BBC Wiltshire. He was appearing as Buttons in Cinderella, at the Wyvern Theatre. I interviewed him a couple of times for the show. He was a total pro, in the first interview we did, he had a joke locked and loaded and at the end of our chat he pulled the trigger. He said, “I’ve just got a tablet computer. It’s not an Apple, it’s a pirate one. – It’s an iPatch!”

The next time he was on the show, he told me that he was having a problem finding somewhere to park in Swindon while the panto was on. Well the phones went mad with people offering to let him park in their driveways. He ended up taking up an offer from a local pub.

So I remember Keith Chegwin for five things:
1. He was so beloved that at least one person pretended to be related to him.
2. He was a bloke that gave up his time to help others.
3. He didn’t take himself too seriously.
4. He was funny.
5. He was Likeable.

If you got to pick something to be remembered for, I’m sure most of us would like it to be one of those things. Keith Chegwin will be remembered for all five!

In my book that makes him a 5 star celebrity. And that’s way better than being A-list!

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2 Responses to “RIP Keith Chegwin”

  1. 1 Paul Millington

    Spot on Graham. Regards Paul Millington

  2. 2 girlvforty

    I loved Cheggers Plays Pop so much when I was four that I told everybody I was going to marry him. V sad to hear of his passing. RIP.

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