Radio; Someone Still Loves You


The death of radio has been greatly exaggerated.

In this connected world, on-demand entertainment is only as far away as your phone. Some people think broadcast radio is on the way out. Well there is a place where radio is still the first choice. That place is the car.

You can connect you phone wirelessly to your car’s sound system and listen to streaming services, mp3s and podcasts but I’ve found evidence that might prove that in the car, broadcast radio is still number one.

Next week, I’m having a dash cam fitted in my car, so I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos of dashcam footage. Along with the pictures, you get audio from inside the vehicle. In the footage I’ve seen, most people are listening to broadcast radio when they’re driving.

So, either radio is the king of all media on the road or listening to the radio in the car causes accidents.

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