Retrograde Runner


Blade Runner

Predicting the future is not worth it because eventually you get proved wrong.

I’m going to download the current Blade Runner film, “Blade Runner 2049”. I can’t remember much about the original film, so I decided to watch it again before I watch the new one. What a disappointment it is. I suppose when it came out in 1982, it was fine but now it just looks silly.

The biggest surprise is that it’s set in 2019. That’s not that far away and I can’t see it being quite so dystopian. I also can’t see the development of flying cars coming along before then.

Flying cars isn’t the only prediction the film got wrong. People were smoking INDOORS and Harrison Ford’s character was reading a newspaper! Photographs were printed on paper because no one had a smartphone. When Harrison had to make a phone call in a bar, he uses a payphone. Ok, it was a video payphone but it wasn’t Skype.

The original Blade Runner was made 36 years ago. The world we live in now is nothing like what Ridley Scott predicted. The only thing we can learn about the future from watching the film is that we have no idea what life will be like in 36 years.

It is impossible to predict the future. You get proof of that every day when you watch a weather forecast.

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