Socialism Through Privatisation



A lot of socialists believe in nationalised industries. A leaked Labour manifesto from earlier this year proposed a partial re-nationalisation of some of Britain’s biggest firms.

Britain used to have a lot of nationalised businesses. They were owned by the state and included coal mining, steel manufacture, water, electricity and the railways. Nowadays, these industries are in private hands.

But we still have nationalised celebrities. These are people that are famous for just being famous. They don’t sing, dance, act or play a musical instrument, but unlike the Kardashians, for instance, these celebrities are paid for the UK taxpayer. I’m talking about the Royal family. 

Last week, it was announced that one of our nationalised celebrities is going to marry a millionaire American actress. When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry, she’ll become a princess or more likely a duchess. That means she’ll go on the royal payroll and will get to enjoy all of the state funded housing benefits and other goodies that go along with that.

State handouts should only go to the most vulnerable in our society, not the mega rich. I’m sure most socialist would agree with that.

The paradox is, if you want socialism, one of Britain’s most famous brands has to be privatised.

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