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The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, must LOVE Donald Trump.

There’s a big fuss in Britain right now and calls for the president to be banned from coming here.

It’s all because Donald retweeted anti-muslim videos posted by a far right group called ‘Britain First’. Theresa May said, “I am very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do,”.

The reason The Prime Minister is so happy about all of this is because it’s taken the focus off Brexit, which isn’t going well for Britain. We voted to leave the EU in June last year. Brussels set the divorce bill at £50billion. Theresa May and her government have been telling us that they’ve been “negotiating” for a better deal. The thing is, Britain has nothing to negotiate with.  When you’re working out any deal, your most powerful bargaining chip is your ability to walk away if you don’t like the terms. We can’t walk away from this deal, that would mean staying in the EU. That can’t happen because we voted to leave! It’s going to cost us whatever the EU say it’s going to cost.

At one stage Britain offered £40billion and now after all of this “negotiating” we’re back to the original figure of £50 billion. The EU, haven’t moved a millimeter, why should they?

One of the other things they’re “negotiating” on is the only land border between EU and the UK, the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our politicians are claiming that they’re “negotiating” so that we don’t have a hard border. A hard border would affect more than 7,300 companies that export to the Irish Republic, or roughly 15 per cent of the businesses in the region.

Once again, we’re going to have whatever border the EU say we’re going to have, it’s not up to us. I get the feeling that the politicians are trying to make it look like Britain has some kind of say in all of this, we don’t.

One day, people will realise that there is no negotiation going on, Britain is powerless because we have no leverage.

That day has moved a little further into the future because of Donald Trump and Twitter.

God bless America!

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