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Dash Cam

Sometimes following procedure makes you sound like an idiot.

My Christmas present this year is a dash cams. I want to get one hard wired into my car. Before I go ahead and do this, I need to know how this will affect my warranty.

I called up the main dealer and told the lady on the other end of the phone what I wanted to know. She said, “What’s your registration number?” I couldn’t work out how what is on the car’s number plate could have anything to do with the answer I was after but I just sighed and read it out to her anyway. I heard her tap away on a computer, then she said, “Thank you Mr Mack, I’ll put you through to our service department”.

She needed the rego number to find out what my name was! Here’s a crazy idea, how about you just ask me for my name?

It turns out that having a dash cam fitted doesn’t affect your warranty but calling a car dealership to ask about it can affect your sanity.

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