Brexit’s Tump Card


Trump Brexit

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump have a lot in common. They came straight after each other and people voted for the same thing. They wanted their country back.

To be more accurate, they wanted to “feel” as if they had their country back. I can’t speak for America but in Britain, Brexiteers may now feel like they’re going to get back control of the UK but so far nothing about Brexit has been good and a year and a half after the referendum, we’re still a long way from leaving the E.U..

A lot of people voted for Brexit because they thought foreigners were taking British jobs. It might have “felt” that way but it wasn’t true. At a time of record immigration, we also had the lowest unemployment figures in decades so foreigners were not taking British jobs.

This week, it was announced that the European Banking Authority and the European Medicines Agency are moving from London to mainland Europe with the loss of around a thousand jobs. So the irony is that now, because of Brexit, foreigners ARE going to be taking British jobs.

If you think Brexit is a good idea, you haven’t done the maths. The Prime Minister, Theresa May is right now ready to offer £40 billion to the E.U. as payment for letting us get out.

During the referendum campaign, Pro-leave politicians including Boris Johnson were pictured in front of a big red bus that said, “We send the EU £350 million a week, let’s fund our NHS instead”. Well it looks like we’re going to have to pay them a lot more than that, in the short term anyway.

Assuming the EU accept our offer of £40 billion and we managed to break that down to say, £350 million a week (on top of the supposed £350 million we’re paying every week), it would take more than two years to pay off the full amount. I’m sorry but how exactly does that give us our country back?

The big difference between the election of President Trump and the vote for Brexit is that if things don’t work out with Donald, America can vote him out in a few years time but we’re stuck with Brexit!

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