Bike To The Future



Bad news if you’ve ever fancied riding a bike naked through Britain. The British government has announced it wants to put driverless cars on our roads by 2021.

About 100 cyclists are killed on the roads in Great Britain every year and more than 3,000 are seriously injured. When all cars are driverless, no cyclists will be killed or injured on our roads, the technology won’t let a driverless car collided with a pushbike.

But no cycling organisation has ever campaigned for driverless cars even though it’s the only way to make cycling on the road safe. They’ve been busy campaigning for cycle paths and for drivers to be more aware of cyclists and they’ve organized naked bike rides where hundreds of people of all shapes, sizes and ages take off their clothes and ride around as a protest against how vulnerable they are.

If they’d put as much effort into campaigning for driverless cars over the last twenty years instead, we might have driverless cars by now and more cyclist would be alive.

If we had non-polluting, solar powered, driverless cars, why would anyone even ride a bike?

That would be great because there’d be no more naked bike rides and we wouldn’t have to see all those nipples, racks, cogs and other parts that make up bicycles or naked people’s saddles!

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