Money For Nothing



Politicians want to control you and take away your freedom. In some places they’re taking that to the extreme, you know, places like North Korea.

But it’s happening in Europe too. In Helsinki Finland, they’re experimenting with a thing called “Universal Basic Income”, (UBI). It will be enough to live on, much higher than a pension or unemployment benefit and everyone gets the same government handout. It won’t be means tested, the disabled will get the same as able-bodied, pensioners will get the same as young people who are working.

The difference between adults and children is that adults are not dependent on their parents. UBI turns everyone into dependent children and makes the government your parent. The government is a group of politicians. Politicians are driven by a hunger for power. The ones that make it to the top are the ones that are the hungriest for that power. The way they satisfy that appetite for power is through control.

When the government controls your income, they have total control over you. If you don’t conform, they can threaten to cut you off. If your employer treats you like a child, you have the freedom to quit and work for someone else. Who would want their income to be dependent on a controlling parent?

Under the system of UBI, you can work as well and earn money on top, without losing your government handout. What kind of workforce will that produce? One of the things that motivates employees is the fear of losing their job and therefore their only source of income.

Finland is just the start. Fife Council in Scotland is planning its own basic income trial. They want to apply it to an entire town, giving up to £7,000 to everyone – no matter their age or employment status.

The way you know that Universal Basic Income is a bad idea is that it’s attracted praise from the political left AND right. When does that ever happen? You see both sides can see how much power it would give them through total control of an electorate and how easy it would be to win an election just by promising to raise the level of UBI. They already know how to buy votes from the people who always turn out to vote, pensioners. That’s why they get free TV licences, a heating allowances – even if they live in Spain and a triple lock on their pensions that guarantees they get an increase every year by a minimum of either 2.5% or the rate of inflation or average earnings growth, whichever is largest.

Governments have a duty of care and must look after the most vulnerable in our society. That’s what state handouts are for. If you give handouts to everyone, we all become the most vulnerable.

If you think UBI is a good idea, then you’re either hopelessly utopian, naïve or a politician. It’s the biggest risk to our freedom since the threat of Nazi occupation.

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