Firework Dismay



Why is it legal to buy explosives in Britain?

On November 5th, we celebrate “Bonfire Night”. Every year, around 1,000 people visit hospitals for treatment of firework-related injuries. Half of the injuries are to under-18s. Since 1996, four people have been killed in firework accidents in the UK.

I lived in Australia for almost seven years. Where we lived in New South Wales, the sale of fireworks to the public is illegal.

The best fireworks I’ve ever seen were in Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve. There’s no way any of the more than a million people that watch them every year could put on anything like that kind of display in their own back yard even if they were allowed to buy fireworks in New South Wales.

As with most things, Australia is way ahead of Britain on this one. Controlling the sale of fireworks reduces the number of injuries. Britain does have one advantage over Australia that could reduce the number of casualties. The time when Australians are most likely to set off fireworks is on New Year’s Eve which is in the summer, in Britain November 5th is in the winter.  Let’s hope it rains again this year.

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