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Are airlines cutting too many corners to save money?

If someone in my car hasn’t fastened their seatbelt, a light comes on and beeping starts that doesn’t stop until everyone is belted up.

On the plane back from Iceland recently, I noticed that planes don’t have that light and beeper. Just before you take off, the flight attendants have to walk down the aisle and check out everybody’s crotch. That’s the system on every flight I’ve ever been on, why is that?

The technology used on plane these days is incredible. They’re fly-by-wire, computer controlled, glass cockpits, technological wonders. They can land in thick fog but they can’t tell if everyone’s seatbelt is fastened?

Do Boeing and Airbus not have the seatbelt light and beeper as a factory option? Or is that only available in the Ghia model and all of the planes I’ve been on are the bog standard version?

That would explain why the masks that drop down in the unlikely event of depressurization look so cheap. I’ve often wondered why the only thing standing between me and certain death is a plastic cup, a freezer bag and a bit of knicker elastic.

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