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Politicians LOVE pollution and they’ve got really good at turning it into revenue. They’re called “green” taxes even though the money they raise isn’t spent on making the environment any cleaner.

If you drive into the centre of London you have to pay a “congestion charge” of £11.50 a day. All vehicles that put out more than 75 grams of CO2 per kilometre have to pay up. 75g/km isn’t much, I drive a hybrid, the smallest in the Lexus range and it puts out 82g/km, so I have to pay.

Now, on top of the congestion charge, if you drive one of the most polluting vehicles, mainly diesel and petrol vehicles registered before 2006, you have to pay another £10 on top of that, so a total of £21.50 a day just to drive into London. It’s call the T-charge. The T stands for “toxicity”.

Green taxes are great because it means politicians can make you feel guilty. If you object to paying, you can be labeled as a bad person who doesn’t care about the environment. Pollution isn’t your fault it’s caused by the politicians who failed to regulate things, pre- 2006 vehicles for example. Back then, we didn’t know how bad they were for the environment, in fact the last Labour government encouraged us to buy diesels because they told us they were BETTER for the environment!

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, says the aim of the T-charge is to reduce the number of premature deaths from long-term exposure to air pollution. Really? So it’s not about making money?

If the Mayor of London wants a cleaner environment, why doesn’t he just bring in legislation to ban London buses and taxis that are dirty diesels? Imagine the impact on the environment in London if all of the diesel burning busses and taxis were replaced with zero emissions vehicles?

The Greater London Council, which Sadiq Khan is ultimately in charge of, is responsible for hundreds of vehicles, everything from street sweepers to the limousines used by the ceremonial mayors of each London borough. There is currently no plan to replace them with zero emission vehicles. There’s not even a target date for when they will have to comply with the new T-charge rules. Instead, all of these vehicles are exempt from the new charge.

The T-charge is all about making money. If you want to know what politicians are really up to, follow the money. If you want to know when they’re lying, check to see if their lips are moving.

And what comes out of politician’s mouths, that’s the most toxic pollution of all.

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