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Is working in an office REAL work?

I had this thought while I was watching the latest season of “Better Call Saul”.

Bob Odenkirk’s character, Jimmy, is ordered to do community service. The work he’s given is to pick up litter under a highway overpass. I realised that for some people, that kind of work isn’t punishment, it’s their job and they’re glad to have it.

When you think about what people are forced to do as community service, it’s always physical labour, like litter picking, cleaning off graffiti or gardening. No one is ever forced to do office work.

When I was an air conditioning engineer in Australia, I remember getting Paul the apprentice to clean out a cooling tower. It was horrible work but it was the day after that he was grumpy about it. I asked him why and he said he’d had an argument with his girlfriend. After a day stuck inside a cooling tower with a wire brush, he got home and she was complaining about what a terrible day she’d had at work. She’d been forced to spend the afternoon photocopying.

He had a point, no one’s ever forced to do photocopying as part of their community service and the same goes for filing, answering the phone, data entry or sitting in a meeting drinking tea and eating biscuits.

So, unless what you do for a living is given to people as a punishment, is it real work?

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