Should Poundland Ban Nutters?



Britain’s budget shop, ‘Poundland’ has been hit with a backlash because it sells Peanut M&M knock-offs called ‘Nutters’.

The packets have three peanut-shaped cross-eyed cartoon characters on them with their mouths wide open.

Mental health campaigners say that they are “offensive” and have called for Poundland to stop selling them.

We live in a strange world where mental illness is used as a marketing tool. Most local radio DJs are peanut shaped, have their photo taken crosseyed with their mouth wide open and love being called, “bonkers”.

In Australia there’s a chain of discount stores called, “Crazy Prices”.

There’s also a place that sells fitted kitchens called, “Mad Barry’s”.

And in New Zealand there’s a chain of meat shops called, “The Mad Butcher”.

What I want to know is, if they ban “Nutters”, are supermarkets still going to be allowed to sell fruitcakes?

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