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“British jobs for British workers”. – That’s basically what the leaked blueprint for Brexit looks like. The Home Office, plans to slam the door on thousands of unskilled EU migrants.

The idea that migrants are stealing British jobs is false and based entirely on prejudice.

The UK unemployment rate is currently the lowest it’s been since 1975, that’s a 42-year low. Official figures show that unemployment in the UK, FELL by 57,000 in the three months to June, bringing the jobless rate down to 4.4%. This has happened during a time of what the UK press constantly describes as “mass” immigration. But foreign citizens represent only 10.7% of people in total employment in the UK.

If immigrants ARE NOT taking British jobs, they must have come here to abuse our social welfare system, right? A 2014 British social attitudes survey found that 24% of the public believed the most common motive for immigration was welfare.

Well, about two-thirds of immigrants who arrive in the UK already have job offers, while 93% of people claiming welfare payments are British nationals.

You don’t need to look at the figures to see what’s going on. My wife works in retail. Her bosses are from Russia & South Africa, she works with a Pole and a Canadian. I don’t know where the lads who wash my car are from but I haven’t seen any British people their age washing cars for a living lately. Do Brits of that age think that kind of work is beneath them, especially if THEY are fluent in at least two languages?

I know someone who has been on the dole for almost three years. She has university degrees, so won’t lower herself to work in a shop or a hotel and choses to live off handouts instead.

I’ve been an immigrant. Three years after we got married, Julie and I moved to Australia, we wanted a better life. We didn’t know anyone in Australia, we just went for it. I was an air-conditioning repairman in Sydney, Julie worked in a photo-processing shop. We’ve never worked so hard in our lives. It wasn’t till the second week on the job that I actually stopped for lunch. When you move to a new country, it’s sink or swim, so you instantly develop an immigrant work ethic.   

Immigrants CHOSE to live in the country they move to, it’s not an accident of birth, so they’re more likely to make the most of the opportunities they get in their new county. They’re more grateful and don’t feel as entitled. 

Research from University College London shows that migrants from the European Economic Area contributed 34% more in taxes than they received in benefits between 2001 and 2011 in Britain.

Immigrants are not parasites, the opposite is true. Every day I walk past the real parasites, the people abusing what this country has to offer. They live in the council houses across the road from me. They’re nice houses in a nice area, each one has a Sky dish. Their late model cars are parked outside, they drink and play loud music all day while the rest of us are out at work. They’re all white British people, part of the 93% of people claiming welfare payments and benefits that are British nationals.

They’re the real scroungers, the real burden on our society. What do they contribute? Why should they get priority over immigrants in a post Brexit plan? Are British born people considered special? Don’t kid yourself, this is all about race and history tells us where that kind of thinking leads.

Britain is built on an immigrant work ethic and without “mass” immigration, major industries wouldn’t survive in modern Britain, important industries like farming, the National Health Service and the hospitality industry that caters for the tourists that bring money into the country.

And what would you eat without immigration, without Curry, Italian, French, Greek, Turkish, Chinese or Thai food? Fish and chips was brought to the UK by a Jewish refugee.

Instead of slamming the doors on immigration we should be flinging those doors wide open.

But if we continue to be a narrow minded population of racists and bigots, why would anyone want to come here?

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