What a Clock UP!


The things politicians think are important are usually different to the things that the people who voted for them think are important.

The bongs of Big Ben in Westminster have sounded for the final time for four years. The clock is being repaired.

Members of Parliament gathered outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday to mark the occasion of the bell’s final chimes. In New Palace Yard, around 200 parliamentary staff watched the tower while Big Ben bonged.

MP Stephen Pound wiped a tear from his eye. He said, “This is a desperately sad moment and you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. He described it as, “a moment of sombre sadness”.

Oh please, get a grip, it’s just a bell! This would be big news if the year was 1822, but we don’t need Big Ben to tell the time any more, we all have clocks on our wrists or in our pockets now!

More MPs showed up to hear the last chimes of Big Ben than made the five mile journey across town to Grenfell Tower where at least 80 people died in a fire, trapped in their homes! Did Steven Pound shed a tear for them?

Making the sound of a Bell in London into a big issue when no one knows what’s going on over Brexit, the National Health Service is in crisis and there are extra security fears just days after the latest attack in Barcelona, is either plain silly or a deliberate attempt to direct our attention away from the stuff that really matters.

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