The Wet Office



It’s bad enough that we haven’t had a summer but why can’t the Met Office get it right?

Right now, it’s pouring down in the South East of England. It’s on days like these every year that I go back and look at the forecast that the Met Office issued three months ago, promising us the hottest and driest summer on record. Well I don’t have to go back that far.

This is from YESTERDAY’s Daily Mail, “Summer returns to Britain TOMORROW as Hurricane Gert brings Caribbean air and 82F – making the country hotter than Mexico and Greece”.

Honestly, Met Office, you get all of the information from satellites and weather balloons that is constantly updated and a full-time staff of over fifteen hundred people and a budget of £170 million a year and you still can’t get it right?!

And you know that massive super-computer that cost the taxpayer £97 million? You might want to turn it off and turn it back on!

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