British taxpayers have lost millions because of a gigantic fortune telling scam. And we’re set to lose even more money because, despite overwhelming evidence, people still refuse to accept that they’re being ripped off.

A group of con artists are running a racket that costs the British taxpayer £170 million a year. It employs 1,500 staff and has conned the British government into spending £100 million on a gigantic supercomputer that doesn’t work.

The name of this shonky organisation is, the Met Office. They claim to be able to predict the future, specifically the weather.

It rained yesterday and the temperature struggled to get to 16 degrees celsius 61F. It’s even colder and wetter today. So far, we haven’t had anything like a summer. We had a cold and wet July followed by a cold and wet August!

Here’s what the Met office predicted. These are some quotes from the Daily Express on the 29th June this year…

“HEATWAVE ON THE WAY: Sunshine until SEPTEMBER as roasting temperatures to roar back to UK!”

“Blistering sunshine and roasting temperatures forecast until September”.

“This summer could rival the scorcher of 2003!”

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Please be aware of this scam and don’t be fooled by anything you hear or read about our weather.

The only thing you can predict about Britain’s weather is that it’s unpredictable.

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