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Has another bogus theory been thrown out there? Is it keeping us from the truth?

It’s being reported this week that experts at the British Medical Journal are saying that you shouldn’t finish an entire course of prescribed antibiotics. They they say that reducing the use of antibiotics is essential to help fight the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

I can’t remember the last time I was prescribed antibiotics. Surely if bugs are becoming resistant to antibiotics, it must be because we’re taking them every day, not once in awhile.

Well, we are on antibiotics, all of the time. According to the World Health Organisation, the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production is the main source of resistant strains of salmonella, E.coli and MRSA. These resistant bugs pass from animals to humans in the food we eat.

In Britain, antibiotics are routinely given to intensively reared animals in their feed and water to ward off diseases that would otherwise be inevitable in cramped and crowded conditions. Farmers are using the same antibiotics used in human medicine – drugs classified by the World Health Organisation as “critically important to human health”. 45 percent of all antibiotics used in the UK are now given to animals.

It’s the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production that is fuelling the problem of antibiotic resistance. The World Health Organisation has described the problem as approaching “crisis point” and says the world is moving to a situation where many infections might soon be untreatable. The EU estimates that at least 25,000 people die in Europe each year from an antibiotic-resistant infections.

Until our government does a better job of regulating farming practices, the problem is only going to get worse and more people are going to suffer and die from infections that used to be easy to treat.

Why isn’t that making the news? Could it be that the big food producers don’t want you to know what’s really going on?

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you uncomfortable.

And the truth is we’re all taking antibiotics every day whether we’re prescribed them or not because they’re in our food.

That’s a bitter pill to swallow.

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