Ban the car

The anti-car people are going to have to find a new reason to hate cars.

For years they’ve been banging on about how bad cars are for the environment. They’ve been blaming the cars and their drivers but the truth is it’s not the cars that are dirty, it’s the fuel. I’ve been saying this for ages, come up with cleaner fuel and the problem will be solved without us having to give up our cars.

The car haters have been trying to get us onto public transport or pushbikes and even turn the ignition off when we’re stopped in traffic.  

Well, there’s news this week that the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK by 2040. A new air quality strategy announced by the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, proposes that all cars on the UK’s roads should eventually be electric or hybrid.

So all that anti-car protesting didn’t work. If the car haters had put all of their energy into the development of electric cars years ago, maybe we’d already be enjoying the benefits of going electric.

Car haters should shut up and stop encouraging us to ride the bus. Busses run on dirty diesel. If we want to save the planet, we’ll have to start getting people OFF the bus and into their electric cars. Hopefully bus lanes will disappear and we’ll build more roads for our clean cars.

But you know what, I think the anti-car brigade will continue because I don’t think they really care about the environment. Anti-car people just hate cars. They hid behind the pollution issue. The proof of that is that they constantly campaigned to ban the car but did nothing to encourage the use of cleaner fuel. Well now the pollution issue is going away, soon cars will be a cleaner way to get around than diesel burning public transport.

My prediction is the anti-car people will continue to try and get us out of our clean cars. They’ll just latch onto a different crusade, probably the need for us to all get more exercise.

And that’s when we’ll know for sure that the anti-car people’s agenda was never environmental, it was just mental.

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