Fossil Fuel Fossils



“You have to plug them in, what a nuisance, it takes ages!” That was the disappointed response I got today when I told a workmate that it won’t be long till we’re all driving electric cars.

Most mainstream manufacturers are either selling electric cars or developing them for release soon. Jaguar has its first electric car, Nissan are launching a new Leaf, Volvo have announced that all of their cars will have electric motors by 2019 and Tesla will start deliveries of their “affordable” Model 3 at the end of this month.

The problem some people have is they’re used to filling up with fossil fuels. They don’t realise that it takes LESS time, not more to fill up an electric car.

Cars spend more time parked than they do moving so if they’re charging when they’re parked, you NEVER have to waste time filling them up.

If electric cars had come out before petrol and diesel cars, I’m sure people would be up in arms complaining about all the time you have to waste taking petrol and diesel cars to a filling station.

No one complains about having to plug your mobile phone in at night to charge it up. Imagine what a pain it would be if once a week you had to take your phone to a charging station, plug it in on a forecourt, stand next to it and wait a few minutes while it filled up and then go and pay for the electricity in a shop?

The real bonus of electric cars is not the time saved filling up but the money saved. Fuel costs for a conventional car average 12 pence per mile, so if you do an average 12,000 miles a year, that will cost you £1,440. An electric vehicle costs an average of two pence a mile, making the cost of the same annual milage just £240.

One day, we will realise what an expensive nuisance it was to have to stop and fill your car up with fuel.


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