Capitalism Is Going To Save The World.



Soon anti-car environmentalists aren’t going to have as much to shout about.

Last week, Volvo announced that in less than two years, ALL of their new cars will have electric motors. Most other car makers now sell electric cars and a lot more are on the way. Tesla motors announced last week that mass production of their new affordable electric car, the “Model 3” has started and by the end of the year they plan to be making 20,000 model 3s a month. They already have more that 400,000 pre-orders.

It’s the end of the road for fossil fuel burning cars.

Make no mistake, this is a game changer. I predict that the take up of electric cars will be quick and similar to the speed that we embraced digital cameras, mobile phones and wifi. These days, who still uses film, phone boxes or dial-up?

The reason electric cars will replace fossil fuel burning cars very quickly is not because they’re cleaner, it’s because they’re cheaper. The only reason there are so many diesel cars on our roads is because diesels are more fuel efficient and therefore less expensive to run. Well electric cars are MUCH cheaper to run than diesels.

For a start they’re a lot less expensive to maintain. A fossil fuel burning car’s engine has hundreds of moving parts. Those parts demand maintenance. An electric car’s motor has just one moving part.

The biggest saving though is in the cost of fuel. If you charge your electric car overnight using off peak electricity, you’ll get over a hundred miles of range for just a few pounds. If you currently own a Tesla Model S, you can charge it at any of their Supercharger stations for the life of the car for FREE! A 90% charge will give you over two hundred miles and only takes 20 minutes, which is less time than it takes you in a motorway services (where most superchargers are located) to eat, pee and buy a tin of shortbread in a tartan tin!

It’s not just new cars that are going electric. Companies like, ‘Electric Classic Cars’ take iconic classics and convert them to be 100% electric.

Environmentalists who’ve been trying to restrict the use of cars have been wasting their time. Whaling didn’t end because people protested, made you feel guilty about using whale oil and encouraged you to use less of it. Whaling ended because of market forces. It ended because oil was discovered underground and it’s more plentiful and cheaper to get to market than whale oil. It’s easier to make a profit from fossil fuels than whale oil.

If electricity is generated cleanly, it’s a lot cheaper than fossil fuels and therefore more profitable for the supplier. If it’s generated using renewable sources like the wind, solar and hydro, it will never run out, unlike fossil fuels which will.

I’m looking forward to the extinction of fossil fuel burning cars. They are dirty, we’ve only got one planet and we shouldn’t be pooping in our own nest.

I’m also looking forward to the extinction of the whining environmentalists who’ve been trying to guilt us into not using our cars and trying to get us onto, of all things, push bikes! No one prefers bikes to cars. They’re slow, you’re at the mercy of the elements and according to Department of Transport figures, you’re 17 times more likely to be killed on the road on a pushbike than in a car.

Now the environmentalists will have to be quiet and will have to end their war on cars. And unless buses and trains stop burning filthy diesel, the environmentalists will have to shut up about getting us onto over-priced public transport as well. Electric cars are a lot cleaner with zero emissions.

The biggest waste has been the energy the hippy dippy environmentalist have put into protesting about cars and guilting us into walking, cycling and riding busses.

It would have been more energy efficient for them to have been actively involved in the development of affordable electric cars.

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