Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOBfm lately:

The lady who got her hand stuck down the toilet.
Why is there always a single shoe by the side of the road?
The British media are royal sycophants?
Stuff left behind.
David Beckham is no actor.
Donald or Duke?
Cyclist should be banned from the road.
Are the Russians getting ready to invade Britain?
The Dutch King’s dirty little secret.
When Jane was the date from hell.
Dominic’s best bargain.
Don’t eat the right things your fault, eat the wrong things it’s not your fault.
How to save the planet.
Have-a-go Heroes.
The rise of the girlie man.
Why is Hertford not on the map?
The bell ringer who got caught in the rope and grabbed by the bells.

Craic on!

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