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The environment is being destroyed by the Supermarkets of Britain.

When you shop at any of Britain’s big supermarkets, you’re not given environmentally friendly, biodegradable bags to take your shopping home in. You’re given plastic bags. These bags can take hundreds of years to break down. They’re clogging drains and waterways and killing wildlife.

The government should force the big supermarkets to provide biodegradable bags. That’s not what they’ve done.

A couple of years ago the government brought in a law that made it compulsory for supermarkets to charge 5p for plastic bags. In effect you’re fined for using the only type of bag the supermarket offers you. The supermarkets get to keep 4p from every plastic bag and the government gets a penny in VAT.

Since this came in, the amount of plastic bags being used has gone down but the supermarkets are still dishing out more than a billion plastic bags every year!

There’s news this week that one of the biggest supermarket chains has plans to phase-out single-use 5p plastic bags and will only sell so-called reusable bags that cost 10p. These are just plastic bags made from thicker plastic. They’re trialling this in some stores over the next ten weeks.

Reusable bags are only reusable if you reuse them. That means remembering to take them with you when you go shopping. If you forget or make an unplanned shopping trip, you’ll still have to buy bags but it won’t be the cheap plastic bags, it’ll be the slightly heavier duty plastic bags, the ones that cost twice as much.

This is genius, it makes it look like they’re being environmentally responsible but the truth is, they’ll make even more money and sell even more plastic!

Instead of providing bags that DON’T destroy the planet, the supermarkets are raking in billions because they won’t do that! And at the same time, they’re making you, the customer believe it’s YOUR fault!

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