Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOBfm lately, including:

Why is there always a single shoe by the side of the road?
The zombie apocalypse at Stansted Airport.
The fake speed camera.
The British media are royal sycophants.
Stuff left behind.
David Beckham is no actor.
Donald or Duke?
Stephen Fry being investigated for blasphemy.
Cyclists should be banned from the road.
Are the Russians getting ready to invade Britain?
Are we in the grip of election fever?
The person responsible for the ransomware attack is named and shamed.
The Dutch King’s dirty little secret.
People who never have their money ready.
When Jane was the date from hell.
Free school meals should be banned.
A boozed up Badger.
Dominic’s best bargain.

Craic on!

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