Electoral Dysfunction



“Which way do you vote?”

The sales manager at work asked me that question in the middle of a crowded office today. Britain’s next general election is only weeks away, I suppose he was curious.

I told him it depends because I don’t have a brand loyalty. I approach voting the same way as I approach buying a new car. I look at my circumstances and choose the one that suits my lifestyle best at the time.

I used to drive a Porsche 911 but as it got older, I found it was costing me too much to run, so now I’ve gone completely the other way, I drive a Japanese hybrid. If my circumstances change I may go back to a Porsche, until then I’ll stick with the fuel efficient Jap.  

I’m the same with politics. If a party comes out with a flashy new model and promises it’ll make my life better, I might go that way. If I do and then realise it was all hype or it ends up costing me more money in the long run, I’ll go a different way next time. If I like what they’ve done, when the time comes to choose, I might go with that brand again.  

And really, the most sensible way to look at politicians is to give them the same respect you give used car salesmen.

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