Are the Russians getting ready to invade us?

There was a Russian submarine in the English channel on the weekend.

The Royal Navy ship, HMS Somerset spotted it off the east coast of the UK on Friday morning and followed it through the Strait of Dover.

Last month, Somerset’s sister ship HMS Sutherland escorted two Russian warships that sailed close to UK waters.

The Russians keep doing this. RAF jets keep getting scrambled to keep an eye on Russian military planes that fly close to UK airspace. In February, Typhoons were deployed to monitor two nuclear-capable Tupolev TU-160 Blackjack bombers.

A lot of people are worried about what the Russians are up to. Well if they’re trying to mount a sneak attack, they’re rubbish at it. Their planes always fly past in daylight and the submarine was spotted on the surface.

All Vladimir Putin is doing, is showing off. That submarine WANTED to be seen, The Russians are posing.

That wasn’t a periscope, it was a middle finger!

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