Apocalypse Yesterday



Like a “zombie apocalypse”. That’s how one Twitter user described scenes at London’s Stansted airport yesterday.  Reports today say it was chaotic and some passengers even fainted.

It was all because an X-ray machine broke down. It took nearly four hours to fix it.

Stansted is the fourth busiest airport in the UK and is used by an average of 67,000 passengers a day.

Here’s the thing; In all the years since passenger security checks have been brought in, the staff at Stansted have not found a single passenger carrying ANYTHING that they were going to use to bring down a plane.

Even though hundreds of people were stranded at Stansted yesterday and a lot of them missed their flights, during the time of the crisis, not a single drop of shampoo, mouthwash or bottled water made it onto an aircraft and there wasn’t one reported incident of a an angry passenger getting into a heated discussion with security guard over whether toothpaste, jam and hair gel are liquids or not!

So, maybe it wasn’t all bad news after all!

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