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I’ve worked out how to save the planet.

We keep hearing about how fossil fuels are bad for the environment and how they’re eventually going to run out anyway.

As long as we generate electricity from renewable sources the answer has to be electric cars. I’ve been thinking about this lately because the new Mackmobile is a hybrid, so I’m halfway there. I’ve been wondering about going all-electric.

Electric cars haven’t really caught on yet and the reason most people give for not buying one is electric cars don’t have the range. Well, range isn’t really an issue, some Tesla models can go for 300 miles on a single charge. The real problem is the time it takes to charge them up, it takes hours. On a serious road trip, if your battery goes flat and you’re not at your final destination, you’re knackered and if there’s nowhere to charge it up when you get there, you might not have enough charge to get home.

I can’t get a fully electric car because I live in a block of flats with nowhere to charge it. I can’t plug it in at work and if there was somewhere to charge it between home and work, I’d have to add a few hours to my commute while I waited for it to charge up.

The answer is pretty simple, removable batteries. If you had an electric car with say, four removable batteries, each one powerful enough to run the car’s motor individually for say, a hundred miles. Have it set up so that the car uses one battery until it’s dead, then switches to the next one. When you stop at a charging station, all you do is take out the dead batteries and replace them with fully charged ones. That way you’d be able to refuel an electric car in just a few minutes, probably quicker than you can fill up a petrol car.

The dead batteries could be charged up at the charging station and when they’re fully charged, they’d be ready to be exchanged for dead ones from another electric car driver.

Stick up a wind turbine and solar cells at the charging station and the electricity to charge the batteries would be generated without harming the environment or taking resources from the national grid.

So electric cars ARE the future but not until we make them so you can take the batteries out.

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